The Fives Dive Center

Are you ready to dive deep into the Mexican Caribbean?

Then you are in the right spot.

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Who are we?

We are a diving school that was formed to provide you with the most complete diving experience in the Riviera Maya, combining the vast life of the second-longest barrier reef in the world with the mysterious waters of the Mayan underworld known as Cenotes.

There are courses for all levels from beginners to experts all SSI certified.


We are part of FIVES family, located in our hotel facilities on the beaches of Puerto Morelos, Xcalacoco and Playa del Carmen.

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Frequently asked questions

What's included in a diving course?

Our courses are generally divided into three parts:

» "Knowledge development". We offer study options through both our digital material and face-to-face classes. Providing the necessary theoretical training for your new adventures

» "Diving in confined waters". Training prior to immersion in open water will be done in the facilities of The Fives Hotels.

» "Open water immersions". Here you will put into practice the techniques and skills acquired so far.

Is it difficult to learn to dive?

Not at all! Besides being one of the most fascinating experiences you will discover how easy it will be after learning the techniques provided with each practice.

We recommend that you start our Introduction course to fill you with knowledge guided by our certified instructors with the maximum guarantee of safety and fun.

What are the necessary requirements for a driving course?

In general, there are no requirements. Anyone in good health and over 8 years old can take our courses.

You will have to complete a medical questionnaire with the assistance of our professionals to help you in any doubt.

Is diving safe?

Recreational diving performed under our safety standards is extremely safe. That is why every year our professionals are trained to maintain our teaching and safety standards at the highest level

Is it difficult to breathe with the scuba equipment?

It is quite simple, actually, it is easier than snorkeling. Pinch your nose with your fingers and breath through your nose, you will feel the same sensation as if you were underwater.

How long is an average dive?

It depends on the weather conditions and air consumption, but in general a dive lasts between 30 and 50 minutes.

Can I take a plane after diving?

After diving, you must wait to fly depending on the depth and the number of dives you have done.

» After one dive 12 hours

» After multiple repetitive dives 18 hours

» After one dive that requires a decompression stop 24 hours

At what age can you take a course?

The minimum age to take an "Introduction to Scuba Diving" course is from 8 years old. While the certified diving courses can be taken from 10 years old.

How does the pressure of the water effect me?

Water is a heavy compound, and its weight affects our body in the form of pressure. The pressure increases when the depth increases.

During our course, you will learn to equalize the pressure in your ears, this will allow you to descend at ease.

Can I dive if I am pregnant?

No, if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant you should avoid diving as the gases and the pressure can negatively affect the pregnancy.